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Total Takeout for Restaurants

Looking for a food delivery service partner?

Total Takeout is Indy's food delivery service for restaurants. We offer a superior advantage over competing food delivery services. Unlike Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Seamless, we selectively choose experienced delivery drivers that are familar with the area. This is why customers that order through us acknowledge that we're a faster delivery service compared to other nationally-owned delivery services. Our focus is local, as is yours.

How can your restaurant benefit?

Join the growing list of restaurants that partner with Total Takeout. By working together, our attention is spent on helping restaurants in three ways: 

Driving more business

Total Takeout helps grow your restaurant business, delivery and takeout orders. Total Takeout has an established list of customers that use our service for food delivery within the Indianapolis area. By adding Total Takeout as a delivery partner, restaurants receive a listing on our website and app that allows new and loyal customers to more easily order food, and restaurants can increase the total amount of orders received on a monthly basis. 

Faster food delivery 

Total Takeout is the fastest way to deliver food to customers in the Indianapolis area. You can speed up delivery, which will help you maintain the best possible food quality for customers. 

Partners that care

At Total Takeout, we care about your business' success. We help give restaurants more visibility online, help you promote your menu to a wider audience, and we're constantly looking at ways to improve delivery. 

Become a restaurant partner

For information on becoming a Total Takeout Restaurant Partner please contact us at info@total-takeout.com.